Relatus Announces Partnership with PitchBook to Enhance Private Capital Market Data and Insights

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Relatus Inc. announces a unique new partnership with PitchBook, a premier data provider for the private and public equity markets. This partnership will support the best user product experience for Relatus®, a goal achievement, knowledge collaboration and intelligence platform that uses AI and Machine Learning to identify relevance among your contacts and market and industry data, to drive decision making and outcomes.

Relatus provides one central place to gather and search a user's entire bank of relationships to reveal the people who can help them accomplish their goals faster, easier, and with greater relevance than ever before. Relatus merges data from multiple sources to create a "super record" for each contact, company and entity. With the user’s permission, Relatus ingests and graphs people and contact data, along with a user’s unique goals and relationships, a process framework that guides the users in mission critical aspects of their professional goals, including for raising capital, finding Limited Partners or finding Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

Relatus knew that by adding the entire corpus of PitchBook data we would get our users to a new plateau of capability. Collaboration, accuracy and quality for users is the goal for both organizations."

— Joyce Reitman, CEO Relatus

The PitchBook partnership allows Relatus users to build their "super record" with the most comprehensive, timely and accurate VC, PE, M&A and public equity data, generating valuable insights to achieve goals faster than ever. The partnership is a symbiotic relationship, with both companies engaged in a close collaboration, and even more important, it is instrumental for Relatus' users, who will see the value and effectiveness increase over time through the use of the product.

“Relatus knew that by adding the entire corpus of PitchBook data we would get our users to a new plateau of capability,” said Relatus CEO, Joyce Reitman. “Collaboration, accuracy and quality for users is the goal for both organizations.”

“With PitchBook’s remarkable depth and diversity of data including investor preferences, we achieve deeply informed insights into the investment industry that no other platform provides,” says Relatus Founder and Chief Product Officer, Monte Gibbs. "Consequently, our customers and users are seeing the kind of unprecedented relevancy rates that deliver actionable insights, generate breakthrough results, and empower our users to get what matters done."

PitchBook’s Global Director of Direct Data, Seth Sprinkle, added, “It’s our mission to empower investor success by providing a central, easy-to-use platform that provides access to the broadest and most powerful collection of data and timely and trusted insights. Our partnership with Relatus allows us to extend our reach and help an even broader audience improve investment and business decision-making.”

About Relatus: Relatus enables people to achieve their most important goals collaboratively by engaging the power of their own networks. Combining generative AI, relationship graphing, search relevance, networking intelligence, and goal-oriented workflows, on a single platform, people identify and engage with key contacts to help them achieve their objectives faster. To learn more, please visit

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